Z20 Intake Cam pulley – Set for XEV Cam

Z20 Intake Cam pulley – Set for XEV Cam

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 Adjustable Cam pulley for the Intake Camshaft of the Vauxhall Z20 engine.

*** This Pulley comes pre-set for use with the XEV intake Camshaft ***

This pulley will allow you to time your camshafts to deliver maximum power where you want it, ideal for use with aftermarket camshafts, or the cams from the naturally aspirated X20XEV engine in your turbo Z20.

For maximum performance when fine tuning on the dyno we recommend also using the Exhaust Cam Pulley, as this will then allow you to fine tune both the advance and the overlap to extract maximum performance from your engine.

This is just for the Intake Cam Pulley pictured in the first picture above, and set in the position that we have found to be the best place to start with the XEV cam. See our other adverts for the Exhaust Pulley, or for a combo of both for a discounted price.

You probably also want to consider a fresh cambelt and waterpump whilst you are in there replacing these, which are also available from us.


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