Astra VXR Inline fuel filter kit fitting guide

Astra VXR Inline fuel filter kit fitting guide



Installation of the Astra VXR inline fuel filter kit


Make sure the fuel system is de pressurised ( bleed valve on fuel rail )

Remove the rear bench seat

Remove the fuel pump round plastic cover

Remove the fuel pump electrical connection

Remove the Clip in fuel hoses ( optional )

Advisable to clean/ hoover the lid of to stop debris falling into the tank

Remove the lock ring that secures the fuel tank lid in place

Pry up the fuel tank lid ( as you would when fitting a fuel pump )


Recognise the hose that connects the fuel filter to tank lid – carefully remove the filter end , this is now the end that wants to fit to the fuel pump. Its possible to do this by carefully slicing down the very end of the hose about 5 mm long, enough to remove the clamp force over the first barb on the barbed fitting on the in tank fuel filter. After removing the hose its possible to trim back the hose so it is straight and remove the 5mm that has a slit. The remainder of hose will fit the fuel pump and seal perfectly.

Remove the hose fitted as standard to the fuel pump outlet

Use supplied jubilee to secure fuel hose from tank lid to top of fuel pump. In the past we have tried and tested many types of in tank fuel line and found it to be unreliable, the most reliable hose is the hose that comes within the fuel tank as standard.

The remaining in tank hose on top of the fuel filter can be attached to the other fitting on the in tank fuel filter , this will seal up the in tank filter.


The in tank side of the installation is now complete. You may want to leave open the tank lid for pressure testing purposes, upon refitting make sure the tank lid seal is sat correctly prior to seating the tank lid. Refit the lid , lock ring then hoses. You may wish to leave the electrical connection off until you have completed the under bonnet stage.

Under bonnet , you may wish to remove the main boost pipe to gain access to the rear bulkhead panel

Remove the wiper panel seal to engine bay, this will allow you to get a spanner to the rear of the panel to secure the filter in place.

Locate area to install RND in line filter kit, this kit is designed to fit above the power steering reservoir , there is enough hose supplied to ensure it can go an inch or so either side of where we have mounted it should you need to adjust the position.

Mark and drill through the rear slam panel ensuring behind the panel is free from wires or anything that could be damaged when drilling through the panel.

Loosely assemble the fuel filter kit with the 90 degree end of the hose connecting to the filter outlet

Remove the hose from the fuel rail feed side,

remove the fitting from the fuel rail ,

Replace standard fuel rail fitting with supplied black fitting and copper washer

Attach standard fuel feed hose to large fitting on fuel filter ,

Attach straight end of PVC coated link hose to fuel rail

With fittings assembled not tight , move fuel filter kit to drilled location . Ensure hoses are free from kinks, new feed hose should be routed down back under the rear bulkhead so that the hose has a clean loop.

When happy that the hose layout is un-stressed, fully tighten all the fittings and hose connections, the aluminium AN type fittings require butting up firm then a full quarter turn to make the seal. They do not need any more than this to seal them, over tightening will lead to damage.

Its advisable at this point to pressure test the fuel system to check for any leaking connections

Re connect the fuel pump to allow fuel pressure system testing, once satified everything is correct . Re fit and additional parts that were removed to gain access to the rear bulkhead panel.