Z20 Billet Idler for AC removal

Z20 Billet Idler for AC removal

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Billet tensioner kit


After removing quite a lot of AC systems from Vauxhall Astras we eventually decieded to make a more comprehensive kit.


Current AC delete kits feature a smaller pulley and a correct length belt to alow you to direct route the belt over the alternator. 
The downside of this is that if you have a limited tooling at home to fit these items they can be a pain, the correct lenght belt acan be tight to get on at times - its often found that filing the top alternator bracket out a bit will help you get the belt on and tension correctly.  
Its also found that usually you need to re tension the belt every now and again to ensure it stays tight enough to drive properly.


This tensioner kit includes the folowing:- 


Small black pulley ready to fit 
Bulkhead Blanking Plate and screw 
Correct length drive belt for ~120mm pulley


This tensioner pulley will bolt to the standard tensioner bracket in place of the standard tensioner, allowing you to  run a tensioner on your aircon delete setup, this will keep a constant tension on the belt, the same tension that vauxlall intended for use on the engine.
This kit is a handy little upgrade to any under drive kit with similar dimensions to our own and not just the ones supplied by us .
We also offer this as part of a full pulley kit including the main crank pulley 


Below is a picture of our protoype kit fitted, this is still in use every day   and has completed many thousands of miles trouble free 
We also provide a nice little plate to blank off the air conditioning ports in the bulkhead, for a nicer finish.
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