Z20 CDTi Airbox pipe kit

Z20 CDTi Airbox pipe kit

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CDTi Airbox Conversion Pipework


This pipework kit will allow you to fit the OE Airbox from the Mk5 Astra CDTi to your Mk4 or Mk5 Z20LE* Engined Astra.

It is designed to be used with the MAF / AFM that comes fitted to the Astra VxR. This is an upgrade for the Mk4 that will need a remap to suit it. You will have to do some careful trimming of the CDTi airbox to fit the VxR MAF, but once done you end up with the neat look as shown in the pictures above.

The end result is that you no longer have such a long and restrictive entry to the turbo, and no longer pass the air over the top of the hot engine. This results in higher airflow with more density, which gives you the potential for more power.

The tubing is precision mandrel bent stainless steel, the hoses are high quality 4-ply silicone, the hose clamps are stainless and we even include a length of hose so that you can connect your rocker cover breather up to a catch tank, and vent to atmosphere.

We do not recommend you return the horrible oily mess from the breather back into the engine, as it promotes detonation / knock to occur. We recommend sending it through an oil catch tank, then venting to atmosphere via a hose pushed down the back of the subframe  to vent below the car. Some people have gotten by for a while with just venting the breather down toward the ground with no catch tank, but we don't recommend this for the potential to drop oil on the road, which could occur if you experienced some significant engine damage.

We also sell the CDTi Airbox

Available with Black or Blue hoses, please specify upon ordering, Black will be sent if you do not.

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