EBC Yellowstuff Pads Astra G Front – NO LONGER STOCKED

EBC Yellowstuff Pads Astra G Front – NO LONGER STOCKED

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EBC produce a wide range of pads however its the yellow stuff compount that we rate and like    .


The yellow stuff provides excellent cold braking whilst mainatining pad performace above the limit of the standard pads . The difference between these and standard pads when cold is hardly noticable , once bedded in you could almost forget you have performance pads fitted .

Once warmed up they provide excellent braking performance under a wide range of conditions , if your car is prodomanantly fast road use or you fancy a little track time to get started then these will be a great choice    .


After testing these on our test car we would recommend you allow them to bed in for at least a hundred miles of varied driving , the break in compound that is on the surface of these is quite keen to start out , once the intial grabby charachteristic has faded off they are then ready for some full use .


These are brilliant paired up with even standard discs however if you do fancy the optional EBC ultimax discs to compliment these then they will work even better 


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