F23 4 Paddle Cerametallic Clutch

F23 4 Paddle Cerametallic Clutch

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4 Paddle cerametallic racing clutch for the Astra G comprising;-


Helix Group N uprated pressure plate

4 Paddle cerametallic plate with sprung hub


This clutch will take a lot more abuse than the organic lined ones. They do, however, become a lot more aggressive at biting, especially this 4 Paddle one. Brilliant for a more track focussed build, but can be a bit tiring to drive in traffic every day. Some people love them for road use though, it is what you get used to I suppose!


The 6 paddle one lessens the aggression slightly as there is more surface in contact with the pressure plate, and also lasts a while longer due to this,  we offer both so that you can make your own mind up on which you would prefer.


Helix guarantee it to take 330lb/ft of torque all day long.



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