RH M12 Rod end bearing with locknut

RH M12 Rod end bearing with locknut

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1x M12 (standard pitch 1.75) Precision Spherical Rod End with locknut

Designed and tested for high loading automotive applications, we now use these on our race track prepared cars. These are perfect for hard motorsport use.  

Over the years we have struggled to find spherical rods of this quality, constantly being let down by inferior 3 piece type lined rod ends we have finally found the one that gives most in all areas.

Fully machined forged body ensures maximum strength for size Perfectly ground hard chrome ball as a bearing should be

Full composite PTFE high shock loading liner rated to 48KN (Click here to see them tested to destruction!)

Maintenance free - no more searching for grease nipples!

These are all things that every spherical should have but most fail to meet the specification, this leads to frequent bearing changes and or a loss of performance

Supplied with a lock nut so you don't have to buy a pack of ten when you need only one, a one stop solution to bearings

We also offer dust boots for these rod ends and they are available individually if that's all you need

Professional installation is recommended as is periodic inspection

Please contact us if you have any questions we are always happy to help

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