V Band clamp kits full stainless 304 3”

V Band clamp kits full stainless 304 3”

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Stainless Steel V-band clamp and flanges - Our  3" size ones are now extra heavy duty



   As we use so many in this size in varius different applications the 3" v band size ( popular exhaust size )  the 3" clamp has been revised . 

The 3" clamp  now has an M8 Carbon steel thread instead of the previous M6 stainless one.  Having the stainless steel to stainless steel contact can often lead to the materials picking up on one another  if not careful, changing to a larger diameter thread that is made from high carbon steel leads to a much more usable clamp long term . These also feel much nicer when snugging them up in situ , the more robust M8 thread certainly is an improvement. 

The locking not has also been changed to a full metal locking type nut , a further imrovement over most nylock nuts, certainly in the case of an exhaust system.  


The welding end of the flanges features a recess around 3mm deep, which allows the flange to slip over the end of the tube a little way to be tacked ready for welding.   

They feature a male/female lip system, to ensure a good seal and the correct concentric fitment of the joint every time you refit it.


The clamps are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel, making them impervious to attack from corrosion. They feature a self locking nut to ensure that they won't come slack, even under the most arduous of conditions. They make removing and re-fitting your exhaust system, almost enjoyable!


Here are approximate sizes of the Flanges, see the drawing in the pictures for where the dimensions relate to;


A - 74mm

B - 76.5mm

C - 76.8mm spigot + 77mm bore

D - 82.6mm

E - 91mm

F - 8.5mm

G - 15mm

H - 36mm



Please contact us if you need these in a large quantity, as usually they are obtainable fairly quickly and we can discount a bulk buy.


We also provide the clamps or flanges individually, check out our other items to find them.

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