2.5" Blue silicone joiner 6" long

2.5" Blue silicone joiner 6" long

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Here at RnD  we also use all the products we supply  - in fact we only supply them once we have used them ! 

This little fact allows us to fully evaluate all the products before any stay on the shelf  . 









With so many different brands and  options on hoses its hard to tell what is going to be good for your application .


We have chosen to keep our silicone hoses unbranded as most of our customers hate lables on there hoses , this makes for a much more neat install .


We have also chosen to only use 3 and 4 ply hoses , anything less simply will not do as they are just to soft we find for automotive use 


Temperature resiliant from -40 to + 150 Degrees Celcius  making these hoses very versitle .  


If your seeking a large quantity of silicone hoses and we seem to not stock them - please get in touch and there are many things that we can do to ensure you buy decen quality . Even if we are not able to provide them directly we would much rather you have quality no matter where you buy it from 


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