Injector Dynamics ID1300X injectors set of 4

Injector Dynamics ID1300X injectors set of 4

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Injector Dynamics collaborated with Bosch Motorsport to create a new injector designed primarily for the range of new fuels available. Flowing 1340cc/min at just 3 Bar, and being compatible with all known fuels due to their full Stainless steel internal construction, it seems that they created the ideal solution to most peoples E85 needs.

As you probably already know, Injector Dynamics are all about matching sets of injectors for sale. Not all injectors are equal, and it is simply not possible to keep to the types of tolerances required to get them to all flow precisely the same amount straight from the production line. Up until now most people have had to run multiple stages of injectors to allow high flow rates whilst retaining a good idle / cruise efficiency with small primary injectors. Not any more. Injector Dynamics dynamically test every injector they make. They then group them into sets that have the closest possible characteristics, and sell them like this. 

This guarentees that all of your cylinders receive the amount of fuel that you command, resulting in smoother running in ALL situations, from Idle to wide open throttle at high RPM, due to cylinder to cylinder balance of AFR's. They also flow very linearly at low pulsewidths, meaning they are predictable to the ECU, which is what allows them to provide such good idle and part throttle driveability.

There are a very many people who are using these 1300cc injectors with E85, and that can achieve a perfectly smooth Stoichiometric idle.

Click here to go to the Injector Dynamics website for more information, and for the Data required for your ECU programming


This advert is for a set of four ID1300's, delivered safely to your door. They come with plugs and pins too.

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