Forge K04 Actuator with bracket

Forge K04 Actuator with bracket

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This CNC machined actuator is made by Forge Motorsport to fit the K04 Turbo as found in the Vauxhall Mk5 Astra VxR, and most Mk4 turbo's now a days too. It also fits the K03 as still very rarely found on standard Mk4 Turbos.

It is a more heavily sprung unit made out of much higher quality materials, so will handle any abuse you throw at it. It also allows better control of boost at high pressures, and will handle the heat much better.

Another advantage is that this actuator can be rebuilt unlike the standard style pressed together units. Forge provide a rebuild kit and a choice of different springs if you so wished. The spring fitted to this unit is one perfectly suited to running the K04 well at high boost, chosen by Forge to work with the Z20 engine perfectly.


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Forge K04 Diverter valve Forge K04 Diverter valve
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