Radium Billet Aluminium CNC Fuel Surge Tank

Radium Billet Aluminium CNC Fuel Surge Tank

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Radium CNC Billet Fuel Surge Tank


These surge tanks are designed as a complete and neat solution for cars that want something that looks a bit more refined than the usual fabricated aluminium surge tanks.

Mountable where ever you like, preferably stood upright but with a bit of flexibility in that the pickup is to one side, so you can mount it horizontally if you really want to.

-6 fittings on the top for feed and return from the main fuel tank, and with a built in regulator and return system, meaning you only need one fuel line upto the rail and a signal line to the regulator. Pump mounts inside of it and there is a robust military spec screw on connector on the top for feeding large pumps.

Overall a very neat solution to reduce the chances of fuel starvation under hard use, a potential engine saver when running a bit of extra boost.

Pictured mounted to a Mk4 Astra Gsi.

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