Turbosmart K04 Actuator without bracket

Turbosmart K04 Actuator without bracket

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Internal Wastegate Actuator from Turbosmart, designed to withstand high stresses and temperatures.

Featuring: Billet aluminium construction, Fluoro silicone nomex reinforced diaphragm, stainless steel rod / connecting clevise and locking collar system for spring changes.

With a wide range of adjustment  and springs of 3 - 26 PSI available. This actuator provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity handling boost pressures.


Combined with the K04 diverter valve, a worthwhile addition prior to any remapping.


Actuator supplied with 10PSI spring, please contact if you require a different rated spring.


Mounting bracket is not supplied but standard actuator bracket can be easily modified to fit.



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Turbosmart K04 diverter valve Turbosmart K04 diverter valve
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