Vectra B Pillow ball top mounts

Vectra B Pillow ball top mounts

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Vectra B Pillow Ball Top Mounts


It was early on in our quest to create the perfect Astra that we noticed the problems with the standard top mounts. Ours were sat about 10mm proud in the engine bay. No way were the upper mounts staying in one place! As they use the same mounts as the Astra, the Vectra too suffers this problem, and so can utilise this solution.


We quickly set about designing a solution and made some prototypes, fitting them to our test car. With a few tweeks we had some nice pillow ball type units. We are now onto the 2nd revisions, featuring larger bearings for added strength and longevity.


These Top Mounts replace the large rubber mounting that is on top of your front struts. Instead of being rubber, they are solid aluminium bearing housings that encase a high precision, maintenance free, spherical bearing.


This, along with our spherical front wishbones, allows the wheel to retain it's set geometry whilst enduring any loads, such as cornering, braking, or during acceleration. During cornering it stops the front wheel "flopping" over into positive camber and reducing its contact area with the road. You can run less static front camber with these fitted than you had to with the originals to keep the tyre temperatures uniform, due to the lack of movement.


Working in the very limited space of the Vectra strut towers, they are designed to push up inside the strut tower, like the originals, and then clamp in place via a locking ring. The locking ring also features locking screws to physically prevent it from unwinding. 


We have developed them to fit the standard damper / strut top. Any aftermarket dampers that use the original rubber strut top and bearing assembly should work with these, we have had them fitted to Gaz coilovers for example.


If you find that they do not fit your specific set up, we would love to help you make them do so. They are fairly universal, so usually it would just mean some different spacers. Getting them to fit will allow us to expand our list of known fitments, so we don't mind at all. We will fully refund you if we cannot make them fit any damper that uses the original top mount, provided you send them back undamaged.


Designed for competition use, professional installation recommended.


The same units are fitted to both the Vectra B and Corsa C too, but we haven't a decent picture of them fitted to a Vectra yet. Care to help?


Click here for fitting instructions


Click here to see the results of destructive testing!

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