Z20 Under drive pulley and Air Con removal kit

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RnD Motorsport
A/C Removal Kit
Lightweight Under Drive Crank Pulley


With the standard crank pulley weighing in at a hefty 1.7Kg+, it was obvious it could go on a bit of a diet.
These crank pulleys only weigh 440 g,  a weight saving of almost 1.3Kg on the end of your crank!
The weight saving alone will give a more responsive feel to your engine, but it does not end there. As this pulley is smaller in size, it turns the alternator slightly slower, which causes the accessories to draw less energy from the engine, allowing you to get more onto the ground.
Another benefit of this size pulley, if you would like to remove air conditioning from your Z series engine. Removing air con not only reduces parasitic losses on the crank, it lightens the car at the front end and allows better airflow through your intercooler and radiator.
The old method of removing air con was to slot the alternator mounting bracket, turning it into a more traditional type of tensioner. This was ok, but we felt a neater solution was worth looking for. The old version short belt is still available here
We now provide this kit with a small tensioner pulley, to replace your standard one, allowing you to retain Vauxhalls original tensioner. Without the grooved pulley the belt just continually slips off when run in reverse, we tried it. We also provide a nice little plate to blank off the air conditioning ports in the bulkhead, for a nicer finish.
This Kit includes;

Under Drive crank pulley with back plate

 Billet Idler grooved pulley


 4 high tensile mounting bolts ( use of threadlock is still recommended )

 And a neat little blanking plate for the air con ports (with bolt)

We have used this pulley without issue for many years at the 450HP power area , we also have quite a few at around the 500HP area that have this pulley and have used it for years without issue - beyond this power we advise that a dapmer pulley is used again to snub some of the harmonics that are produced at big power. 

As always with all our products , feel free to get in touch if you have any questions 



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