Front wishbones with Spherical Bearing inserts

Front wishbones with Spherical Bearing inserts

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RnD Spherical bearing front wishbone kit


We are particularly proud of our Spherical bearing kits, here at RnD. And these front wishbones designed for the Mk4 & 5 (G & H) Astra are no exception.
They begin life as a set of brand new front wishbones. We remove the standard rubber bushes and weld in some CNC made bearing housings of our own design. The housings are fitted using our own jig to ensure an accurate fit, and are then hand Tig welded into place. We then coat them with a protective coating and finish off with black paint. No one would ever know at first look that these were fitted!
Inside the bearing housing we place high precision, maintenence free, PTFE backed high strength spherical bearings of the finest quality.
This makes for a large increase in feedback from the tyres through the chassis, allowing you to feel every message they send to you. 
To even further extend the life of the maintenance free bearings, we fit rubber dust seals over the axles. This keeps out the road salt and grime from everyday use, should you choose to use them everyday as we do.
As they are merely a pivot point most vibration is not passed through them when driving normally, it is only when lateral G's (cornering force) are being built that they transmit energy to the chassis. 
They also remove all movement other than pivot out of the system, removing the vagueness, the wheel hop and the toe change under acceleration and braking.
We have been running this kit on our test cars for many thousands of miles now with no problems whatsoever. We have more sets in testing on a track only car, and also on a car competing in this years Time Attack series, with only positive feedback. The track only car's driver made a comment about how he can now hold a four wheel slide around the long sweeping bend at the end of the pit straight at Oulton Park, to give an idea of feel.


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