Vauxhall F23 short shifting conversion

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F23 Short Shift Adapter


This adaptor is to fit the f23 gearbox found on 2.2, z20let and most diesel models of Astra including vans 
A simple adaptor that sits on the end of the standard shift assembly and extends the bottom end, which in turn reduces the amount of throw needed to shift from front to back.
Easy to fit, simply remove the shifter unit from the car sit this adaptor over the end and tighten the small allen screw, re fit gearstick and short shift till your hearts content. See the fitting guide for more fitting info.
Precision CNC machined from high quality steel so they are more than tough enough. Once you have this fitted driving any other Astra without one will just feel wrong!
These are excellent quality and will shorten gear change time
Some washers may be needed to fit under the shifter assembly, some minor trimming of the shifter housing may also be required however i assure you this is very easy to do and everyone who has done this will more than agree that its worth every minute of it! 


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