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CDTi Airbox to fit Mk4 and 5 Astra


Genuine Vauxhall airbox with Vauxhall air filter.

This airbox can be carefully trimmed to fit the MAF from the Astra VxR Directly into it's inlet, as shown in the pictures above. This allows you to do away with the crossover pipe, that is both restrictive and introduces heat into the air charge.

Much neater look than standard, and well worth the effort.

A Mk4 will require remapping to suit the enlarged MAF, or you could use it with the standard one if you wished, the box is designed to work with a 70mm Gsi sized MAF as they come from Vauxhall.

We also sell the pipework kit shown in the pictures, too, to work with the 80mm MAF.

This is just for the Airbox and Air Filter, no pipework is included.

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