Z20 Piper Fast Road Turbo Cams

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Fast road camshafts designed by Piper for Vauxhall's Z20 Turbo engine


The specs from Piper are;

Usable power band - 1500 - 6700 RPM

Approx power increase - 15 bhp

Duration - Int - 254°      Exh - 254°

Valve lift - Int - 10.16mm       Exh - 10.16mm

Timing - 17-57  -  57-17

Full lift point - Int - 110° ATDC     Exh - 110° BTDC

Lobe seperation angle - 110°


These are designed to work with the standard, or Pipers own, hydraulic followers.

Pipers uprated valve springs are recommended, and we also offer them as a kit with our stem seal retainers.

We also recommend the fitment of our adjustable cam pulleys, to ensure you get the most from your sports cams.


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