High tensile exhaust manifold stud kit with thermal locking nuts

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High tensile stud kit with thermal locking nuts



This is our V2 stud kit version – after years of using the stainless studs and spring washer combo it has been hard to find anything as reliable that we feel confident in selling. A simple stud and nut kit to some but its all the small details that mean your turbo actually stays put on the engine.

Studs – these are a high tensile carbon steel rated for high temperature applications far in excess of what they see in our application . The fitting end of the stud ( the art that goes into the head ) is an extra long version. Often found on the Z20 heads , the first few threads into the head can be poor , even worse if the exhaust manifold has been over torqued – This can often lead to the head needing a heli-coil repair performing – costly but fixable. Having the fitted end of the stud with the extra length allows the stud to pull in on unused thread at the bottom of the hole making them sit solid in the head. Holes that are borderline needing a heli-coil can often be saved with careful use of a tap and these studs.

Nuts – Aero locking type with anti seizure coating - These nuts have been specifically developed for use in the exact application that we are using them for. These will not come loose without the use of a spring washer and will hold the manifold in place until you need to remove it.


We also supply some stainless steel flat washers suitable for use in this kit – if you still have the standard type spreader plate on the KO style manifold feel free to use it – its a good idea , the washers included in this kit are for is yours is broken or you are running an upgraded tubular manifold.

This stud kit can be used on all Z20 and z16 series engines (on the z16 engines you will have one spare) When we install them in house we generally install the stud into the head at around 10NM and then torque the manifold on at 20NM using the standard type exhaust manifold gasket.


Suitable for


Z20LET / LEH / LER / LEL – All exhaust manifolds

Z16 / A16 / B16 - All exhaust manifolds

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