Z20 Balance shaft delete kit

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Z20 Balance Shaft Delete Kit


This kit contains the parts required to remove the problematic and heavy balance shaft arrangement from the bottom of your Z20LET engine.

The balance shafts were fitted to try to smooth out the Z20 engine a little, but have hardly any effect other than slowing down the responsiveness and being a potential nightmare when they go wrong. They also weigh a lot and tend to froth the oil up due to their presence in the sump. Even Vauxhall did away with them in the higher performing Z20LEH (Astra VxR) engine.


This kit contains all of the parts required to remove them on the LET engine;

Full mains girdle (OEM)

Windage tray / baffle plate (OEM)

Oil pick up pipe (OEM)

High tensile 12.9 rated Cap head bolts

Grub screws for plugging old oil ways


You will need to get the oil ways in two of the mains caps drilled and tapped with an M8 thread. This is pretty easy to do if you have the tools and skills, otherwise go and see your freindly local machine shop and offer one of the lads some beers for it done. Most will gladly oblige. See the fitting instructions here to see what I mean if you haven't seen them before.


> Fitting Instructions <


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