ASNU 330LPH in-tank fuel pump, Direct Fitment

ASNU 330LPH in-tank fuel pump, Direct Fitment

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ASNU 330LPH Fuel Pump

Direct Fit - Astra G/H - Corsa D 


This pump is a direct replacement for the OE pump fitted to your Astra Gsi, VXR, Coupe turbo and most of the others too. Enough fuel for over 450hp, with no messing, will do over 500hp with lines and filter swapped for better flowing versions. No cutting of the basket is required, just drops straight in and plugs in to the standard wiring. Comes complete with a jubilee clip to secure it to the standard in tank fuel line.

Please fit new filters when fitting this pump, as the extra flow will block old ones in no time. You will also want to make a habit of changing the filter at least once per year, as again the extra flow will cause the standard size filter to block more quickly. We are working on a larger replacement filter for the Astra, so that it lasts longer and flows more than the small standard units.


The 330 Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most
popular EFI applications. The 330 is a compact, lightweight pump that clips into
many existing hanger assemblies.
This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory
lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.)configuration.
Suitable for Pump Fuel; Race Fuel; Ethanol E85**.

Drops straight  in to lots of vehicles.
Suitable for Ethanol fuels.
Internal Check Valve.
Internal anti-burst relief valve (set at O.E Spec of 6.2bar)
Designed for in-tank use only.
Can be used in Carburetted or EFI applications.
Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse width modulated (PWM) applications.



Weight: 285 grams
External Materials: Black Steel Body
Inlet Fitting Varies: Inline
Outlet Fitting: 9mm OD
Impeller Design: Regenerative Turbine
Terminal Post: Spade Terminal OE Fitment
Min Voltage: Input 6 vdc
Max Voltage: Input 18 vdc
Current Draw: (3 bar) 14 amps (13.8vdc)


**Due to the dielectric properties of Alcohol fuel like E85, fuel pump service life will be reduced and filter
maintenance increased. Be certain alcohol compatible filters are installed and frequently maintained.


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