Z20 Klasen Intake manifold

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Klassen upgrade intake manifold system for Z20lex 

Designed to take the standard fuel rail and injectors , this manifold take some simple modifications to be installed.

Proven to increase power and torque across the RPM range and especially usefull if aiming for high power . 

We have run this manifold to around the 600 HP area , we believe around this sort of power a bigger intake manifold solution would aid power gains.  Below the 600 Hp region this manifold will improve power and torque in varying amounts depending what cams are fitted. 

We find these work especially well with the cat fast road cams and a GT28 frame turbo for the 450-500 HP region, for more than that aim for the Cat semi race cams and a GT30 frame unit and that will cover the higher output that is possible on this manifold 

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