AEM Dry Flow Air Filter 3.5” fitment 5” long

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AEM DryFlow Air Filter


This filter is designed to improve horsepower without the need of oil on the filtering material, making them suitable for use with the hot wire MAF / AFM found in most newer cars. Any filter that utilises oil will eventually cause the MAF to fail due to it building up on the hot sensing element.

AEM DryFlow filters combine performance and convenience in a depth loading, robust design using state of the art synthetic non-woven material with internal mesh / screen reinforcement. Unlike cotton gauze, this filter can be cleaned with power washers, pressure nozzles or compressed air, and uses no oil as a tacking agent. This means that the filter is very easy to clean and carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty from AEM when used under normal highway conditions.

These filters are for 3.5" diameter pipe. 


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