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Astra VXR Inline fuel filter kit.


In more recent years through testing many Astra Vxr's we have noticed that there is an issue that is becoming more of a problem on some than it is others. The issue comes about due to the fact that the Astra VXR leaves the factory with a fuel filter that is deemed fit for purpose for the life of the car – this means its a non replaceable type fuel filter, the car at standard power should have no issues running.

This is not always the case, especially more so when tuning the car to much higher levels of power or living in an area where there is a greater risk of contaminated fuel. In such a case there becomes a point where the car can no longer fuel safely. The long term effects of this can be catastrophic for the engine long term and can also lead to stress on other items of your car. Through the car being unable to adequately supply fuel in the correct quantity would suggest that the filter is blocked, this will mean that your fuel pump is overworking itself by quite a lot. The fuel system pressure is regulated at the far side of the fuel rail in order to keep the pressure maintained across all 4 injectors, this is typically 3-3.3 Bar of positive pressure without any boost in the reference port. With a blocked fuel filter its possible for the fuel system pressure to jack up further pre filter and this will cause unnecessary strain and most certainly prematurely wear out the fuel pump.


The solution


There are two solutions, one is to buy a whole new fuel pump cradle from Vauxhall themselves, this will include a new fuel pump as well as the in built filter. Not the cheapest option by far.


The second solution is to modify the existing setup in such a manner that can allow the fuel filter to be changed at more regular and appropriate service interval. This second solution also gives us the chance to replace a standard fuel filter with something more performance oriented that has a higher overall total flow capacity. The design we have ended off favouring allows the customer to connect in this fuel filter without having to cut any of the OE fuel lines under the bonnet. By installing a new in line filter in a different location. The old filter can be bypassed internally in the fuel tank and eliminated from the system. On the high power setups we will actually remove this filter from the in tank surge pot to increase the capacity, only advisable to those who feel technically confident in doing so.


Advisable to fit a new fuel pump at the time of doing the operation, one less hose to cut off. Installing a new ASNU fuel pump with new filter will ensure you better fit the criteria for fuel pump warranty, fuel pumps fitted on old filters are always void of any warranty.

The RND Astra VXR In line replacement fuel filter kit includes :-


A Bosch high flow motorsport quality fuel filter

Bracket and fixings to attach the filter to the bulkhead
Clamps and fixings to hold the filter to the bracket

Fuel fitting for the filter to take the OE fuel line from the fuel rail feed side

Fuel fitting to replace the fitting in the fuel rail

Fuel fitting for new filter far side

Teflon lined PVC coated stainless braided hose to join the fuel filter to the fuel rail

We have developed this kit to be as straight forward as we can although some technical knowledge is needed, its advisable to pressure test your fuel system to above its expected working pressure upon completion of installation.


We have run nearly 600 HP through one of these filter kits without issue, we believe that this would be the top end of this filters capability and regular changes would be required at that power. Contact us for spare filters, we have plenty in stock. 



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