Turbo Brace to suit Nortech V band manifold Gen1 GT28

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Turbo Brace developed for use on Nortech V band manifold - Gen1 GT28 type turbo


A turbo support is always a good idea to take some of the weight off the end of the manifold, meaning a much longer life to the manifold.  

A flexible brace type mount should alwas be used on a turbo system, as it is intensly heated, things tend to expand and contract. Solid type brace systems will only lead to cracking sooner.

This flexible support type brace for the Z20 series engine, running a Nortech V band manifold system (others TBC )  with a first generation Garrett series turbo.  Generally in this frame the compressor housing bolts seem o be imperial sizes so we will send out the apropiate bolt for your kit. 


Attaching to one of the compressor cover bolts at the side of the compressor cover most near the engine block , this brace then utilises one of the engine block RWD engine mount configuation bolts to take the weight of the core,  set up well you should be able to remove your manifold and the turbo more or less stay in place with only the brace and the downpipe.

Not having the weight of the turbo itself hung on the manifold will make a large difference in it's life.

Utilises the same quailty spherical bearing as we use in our suspension parts , full stainless steel hardware package. 

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