M32 Helix 4 Paddle Cerametallic Clutch

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4 Paddle cerametallic racing clutch for the Astra H VXR comprising;-


Helix Group N uprated pressure plate

4 Paddle cerametallic plate with sprung hub


This clutch will take a lot more abuse than the organic lined ones, and is designed to work with the standard dual mass flywheel, or the TTV solid flywheel. They are a lot more aggressive at the biting point.


Will not work with the Helix solid flywheel, contact us for a replacement clutch for one of these.


Helix guarantee it to take 390lb/ft of torque all day long.



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M32 Astra VxR Slave Cylinder – FTE M32 Astra VxR Slave Cylinder – FTE
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