Astra G Rear beam bearings

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RND Motorsport proudly present the Spherical rear beam bearing kits suited to the MK4 Astra G, including Coupe turbos and GSi's.


Spherical bearing kits are designed to replace rubber bushes with free moving, perfect position retaining spherical bearings. Far superior to poly bushes, these remove all bind and retain geometry perfectly, allowing for a large increase in feedback from the tyres through the chassis, allowing you to feel them communicating with you. The rear bushes are known to deflect under steering conditions creating a passive rear steer effect. Without this your car will be more predictable and you will carry more speed round the corners.

As they are merely a pivot point most vibration is not passed through them when driving normally, it is only when lateral G's are being built that they transmit energy to the chassis, so they are not as harsh to live with as you may be thinking.

They remove all movement other than pivot out of the rear system.

They feature;

Dust Protection Seals.

Maintenance Free, PTFE lined, High Precision Speherical Bearings.

High precision CNC manufactured Components.


These are the outcome of years of extensive testing from us of longevity on British roads and multiple cars. Proved to dramatically improve the feeling under all driving conditions - if you like the best quality and performance in your suspension then these are for you. Looking for those vital few seconds on lap times, these again are for you.

Fitted to many a high powered track Astra, with only positive feedback. A memorable comment described how it was now easy to hold a four wheel slide around the long sweeping right hander at the end of the pit straight of Oulton Park!

This kit up for sale will include two complete bush units to replace the rubber inserts on your rear beam. Approximate fitting time would be two hours- the old bushes will press/chisel out very easily.

Please contact us for over seas postage - we will send them but will have to quote upon request

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