M32 Helix 6 Paddle Cerametallic Clutch

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6 Paddle cerametallic racing clutch for the Astra H VXR comprising;-


Helix Group N uprated pressure plate

6 Paddle cerametallic plate with sprung hub


This clutch will take a lot more abuse than the organic lined ones. They are a lot more aggressive at the biting point than standard. This 6 paddle is less aggressive and lasts longer than the 4 paddle version. They also last longer than organic discs in racing conditions. It is designed to work with the standard or TTV's solid racing flywheel, eradicating the problematic performance sapping dual mass flywheel.


Helix guarantee it to take 390lb/ft of torque all day long.



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M32 Astra VxR Slave Cylinder – FTE M32 Astra VxR Slave Cylinder – FTE
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