2.5" V band flanges - 304 stainless steel , perfect for exhaust systems

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Stainless Steel V-band flanges


Full stainless steel 304 - ideally suited to high temperature applications, such as high performance exhaust systems.


The welding end of this flange features a recess around 3mm deep, which allows the flange to slip over the end of the tube a little way to be tacked ready for welding. It means that they are a lot more forgiving on your fit up prior to welding, as you don't need to create a perfect butt weld joint. Also, as you are welding onto the outside of the tube with no gaps, it reduces the formation of "dangleberries" inside the tube, for those of us who don't have back purging equipment available.


They feature a male/female lip system, to ensure a good seal and the correct concentric fitment of the joint every time you refit it.


Here are approximate sizes, see the drawing in the pictures for where the dimensions relate to;


A - 61.1mm

B - 64.2mm

C - 64.2mm spigot + 64.5mm bore

D - 69.8mm

E - 78.25mm

F - 8.5mm

G - 15mm

H - 36.5mm



We also provide the clamps to suit these, and supply them as complete kits of clamp and flanges. Check out our other items to find them.

Please contact us if you need these in a large quantity, as usually they are obtainable fairly quickly and we can discount a bulk buy.

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