Universal M8 20mm Bonnet spacer kit

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Bonnet spacers


20mm spacing kit for the rear of your bonnet.


These spacers go in between your hinges and your bonnet, to raise the back end up. Doing this helps to get air flowing through the engine bay, keeping things cooler.


They are made of aluminium, and are anodized black to resist corrosion as much as to look good. We include the appropriate bolts and washers for a full fitting kit.


Whilst not as efficient as a properly sculpted vented bonnet and wings, they still help a lot over a sealed lid on your engine bay, look cool, and are a large amount cheaper! We recommend removing the rear bonnet seal too, to further aid flow.


10mm kit also available. Ask if you want any higher!


You may have to modifiy any alarm sensors to sit slightly higher when fitting these. Please also watch for the bolts bottoming out on really thin bonnets, you don't want to dent it. You may have to cut them down it yours is very thin.


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