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The next stage in the history of Owen Developments has been to develop and introduce their first, own line of turbochargers; OD G.B.T. (Great Britain Turbochargers). The newly designed and manufactured Owen Developments GBT Performance Turbo range, will cover 250 to 850 BHP engine outputs. 

The units come fitted as standard with the well proven ‘M-Spec’ upgrades used in the past. This includes the very successful, HTA billet compressor wheels, billet internals, heatshields, motorsport spec’ ball bearing systems, conical compressor nuts and billet anodised adaptor rings. Extra unique features include a serviceable inline oil filter and the option to install speed sensors and boost pressure fitments into the specifically designed compressor cover castings.

Options include the choice of water cooling or a specifically designed lightweight air cooled core, and the option of plain or ported anti-surge compressor housings, and the choice of all silver or red on black anodising for the compressor wheel and back plate.

The range consists of three frame sizes: 54mm, 61mm and 69mm. This figure is the largest diameter (inducer) of the turbine wheel blades. The second two numbers refer to the compressor wheel exducer diameter (e.g. GBT5471 would be a 54mm frame with a 71HTA compressor wheel). The compressor cover sizes have individual model names: Ma3, Ma5 and Ma7.
The turbos come as a "super core" and so will need a Turbine housing choosing from the link at the bottom to go along with your turbo choice.

If you are familiar with the Garrett turbo range of sizes, then the 54 is like a 28, the 61 a 30 and the 69 a 35. We have found in our testing that the GBT's generally spool a bit quicker though, so you can generally get away with a slightly larger sized turbo without sacrificing too much in the way of response.



Power range from 250 - 530hp


Power range from 360 - 650hp


Power range from 440 - 820hp



Turbine Housings and Extra Options