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TTV Z16/A16 Billet flywheel + Billet TTV Clutch

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Quite simply the best clutch and flywheel setup available for the z16/a16 engines


This clutch setup has been designed to work with the standard type slave cylinder , it will also work with the standard type flywheel bolts too although we would recommend using our upgrade ARP bolts.

Being able to control both the clutch dimensions and flywheel has abled the development of a better all round package. In the past flywheels were just made for available clutches , often these clutches were based around the stock clutch basket system with some upgrades where possible .

This setup features a fully machined basket front cover – the whole thing has been machined out of a solid lump. Much better suited to being an uprated performance clutch it has had every area addressed,

Fully machined billet front cover

Fully machined billet basket floating friction plate – thicker with more heat capacity

Upgraded multi strap with dog drive system for floating basket friction plate

Heavy duty extra wide friction plate drive hub – uses more of the gearbox input shaft spline to spread the load .

CNC laser cut friction disc with riveted cerametalic pads x 5
Fully machined billet steel TTV flywheel

High tensile clutch cove bolts including anti rattle washers



This clutch has been developed to feel and perform well, using the longer clutch fingers than you would typically find on this type of clutch means that the slave cylinder sees a similar release load. Its a little bit firmer under foot , less firm than the current solutions and there for less strain is put back into the engine thrust bearing.

This setup will hold 400+ LBS of torque and will easily cope with 500 HP on the 1600CC engine should you need it too . This is the clutch and flywheel that we now use in all our engine builds for the Z16 , A16 and B 16 engines too.


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1 - 1 of 3 results