Z20 Cat Cams Semi Race Turbo Cams

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Cat Semi Race Cams for Vauxhall Z20 Engine


These semi race cams are as lairy as you can go on the standard hydraulic lifters fitted to the Z20 engine.

You will need to uprate your valvesprings, and have the choice of either Cats single or double valve springs for use with these cams. We recommend the doubles if you are going to constantly run them at very high rpm, such as for racing use. A "fast road" car will be happy with the singles.

We recommend the fitment of our stem seal retainers, which we offer as a kit with the single or double valvesprings.

The fitment of a fresh set of hydraulic lifters is wise when fitting these cams, however a very low mileage set should be fine, and you may get away with a good set of higher mileage ones. We recommend this simply because these cams are pretty hard on them.

Finally we would also recommend fitting a pair of our adjustable cam pullies, so that you can fine tune the maximum potential out of your cam setup


Specs for these are as follows;

                                    Intake / Exhaust

Duration @ 0.1mm = 275°/259°

Duration @ 1mm = 237°/218°

Maximum lift = 11.15mm/10.20mm

Lift at TDC = 2.05mm/0.25mm



These have no issue win dealing with 500HP at all and should easily be large enough for around the 550 hp + region 




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