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King HP & XP race bearings have already led to new records on the race track.  King’s ability to meet the continuously changing and challenging demands of the racing industry with our unique materials and geometric features are a testament to the quality and reliability of our bearings, and reinforces our commitment to developing the ultimate race bearings.

The King Racing line contains Sport Compact and Domestic engine bearings. Equipped with advanced materials and construction techniques, King Racing bearings extend the limits of power, performance and durability.


By analyzing the specific needs of race engines, we have developed unique  features including:pMAX Black™- metal construction, U-Groove™, ExcentriX™, ElliptiX™ and RadiaLock™.


  • 24% greater load capacity
  • 17% more fatigue resistance
  • Compatible with all crankshafts

pMax-Black™ combines a unique tri-metal structure with advanced surface processes to deliver superior load capacity.

pMax-Black™ tri-metal structure

Intermediate layer
The intermediate layer of a typical race bearing contains 2-3% tin, with hardness values of 90-95 HV.  Within the pMax Black™ intermediate layer, we increased the tin content to 4.5%, making it 22% harder at 115 HV, with a load carrying capacity of 17000 psi.

pMax-Black™ Overlay
The overlay of a typical high performance bearing features a leaded alloy that contains 2-3% copper content. The bearing ‘reaches a hardness level of 11-11.5 HV, and a maximum fatigue resistance at 8000-8500 psi.

King’s pMax Black™ overlay is significantly stronger than conventional overlays due to its 5% copper content and an innovative nano-scaled hardening process.

King Racing pMax Black™ overlay is strengthened by a proprietary nano-scaled hardening process that modifies the molecular structure and creates a black fatigue-resistant shield. The outcome is a significant 24% increase in hardness and load capacity, reaching 18.1HV and maximum fatigue resistance of 10,200 psi.

SecureBond™ – Maximum tri-metal structural integrity

High loads and high RPM’s create critical stress levels that filter through the multi-layer construction of a tri-metal race bearing. SecureBond™ is a micro-etch surface preparation process. It strengthens the tri-metal structural integrity, reduces likelihood of catastrophic failure due to delamination of one layer from the other under extreme load conditions or metal–to-metal contact.

These come packed in there own plastic tray holding each bearing away from the next for transport , its also handy for keeping them in order when measuring up too 


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