Cat Cams - Z16/A16 – Fast Road Cams

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Uprated Camshafts for the Z16/ A16 series engine made by Cat cams , available in various grinds to suit your application. Please check the image for the data sheet that this advert is in reference to. If your unsure exactly what you require for your setup then please contact us and we will assist in picking some appropriate cams for your build.


The standard cams choke out in the higher rpms as they are not designed to operate in this area. Much power can be gained , especially on larger frame turbos by allowing the engine to breath much better.

On all our Z and A series camshafts they are made from billet steel , with the higher RPM band that these engines get pushed too, a full billet steel blank is the best choice . Not only is the material better , being fully machined all over also means they will stay clean and be free from any sharp edges .


Please note the Z and A series engine does already have mechanically solid lifters, fitting new camshafts to these engines means valve clearance needs to be checked out and adjusted to be made appropriate.



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