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RnD 1000's  - Based on a Bosch Injector adapted to fit the Z20 Astra engine

We have found these injectors to be a very good performance injector, suitable for around the 600HP region when run at a sensible base fuel pressure.  

We have also found that for a large injector these respond very well at small pluse widths, generally idle can be mapped to be stoich without any issues of AFR stability.

They feature a multi hole orifice plate in the end that sprays a very efficiant cloud of fuel rather than a singular jet, this helps you to burn more of the fuel that you inject, giving you less smoke at righer mixtures and more efficiency.


These are a direct fit with regards to electrical connectivity and install, care is needed to make sure they are installed and seated suitably.

Flow and dead time data is included in the pictures above.


Please Note: Some copy manifolds can require extra care when fitting any injectors. Be careful not to strip the fueal rail threads, and consider using the longest bolts you can to make maximum use of any poor quality aluminium threads.

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